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OAuth for Payment flow

Page history last edited by Chris Messina 11 years, 2 months ago

While this hasn't been done yet (as far as I know), I thought it would be worth documenting a flow that could well be accomplished with OAuth for executing payments. The example in this case is associating a Paypal account with an iTunes account. It's worth pointing out that iTunes is a desktop application and uses browser-based authentication to connect to Paypal.

  1. Start out by signing in to an Apple account on the desktop side. In this case, a gift card had run out and a payment method needed to be associated with the account to complete the purchase:

    iTunes Insuffient Credit

  2. From within the application, you must pick a payment method. Rather than entering credit card information into iTunes, directly, I chose the Paypal method:

    iTunes - Paypal

  3. Upon clicking "Continue", iTunes pops the browser where you're directed to paypal.com to authenticate:

    PayPal Redesign?

  4. You're then shown a screen where you agree to a "Billing Agreement"; if you agree, you click the "Agree and Continue" button:

    Add PayPal as a Payment Method - PayPal

  5. You're then shown a confirmation dialog on paypal.com, and given a button that will launch the iTunes store:

    Your Next Step: Continue to iTunes - PayPal

  6. This is the interstitial iTunes Store link:

    iTunes Store

  7. Finally, in this screen you're asked for a billing address to complete the payment set up. You can see that a Paypal account has already been linked to the local account:

    iTunes Payment Information

  8. I am able to manage my payment associations from within Paypal:

    Billing Agreement Details - PayPal

  9. As well, a complete record of each transaction is recorded for my later inspection:

    PayPal Website Payment Details - PayPal

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