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Page history last edited by David Recordon 10 years, 1 month ago

OAuth WRAP has been deprecated in favor of the OAuth 2.0 specification which the IETF community has been working on over the past six months.

Web Resource Authorization Protocol (WRAP) is a profile of OAuth, also called OAuth WRAP. While similar in pattern to OAuth 1.0A, the WRAP profile(s) have a number of important capabilities that were not available previously in OAuth. This specification was contributed to the IETF OAuth WG and is the basis for OAuth 2.0.

This group has also drafted the Simple Web Token (SWT) specification which defines an Access Token format that can be used within WRAP though there hasn't been much adoption or recent discussion of the proposal.


While OAuth WRAP is has been deprecated by 2.0, as of December 2009 there were the following prototype implementations:

Microsoft also provides Windows Azure platform AppFabric, which implements one profile of OAuth WRAP.

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